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L-Arginine from SISU


To help relieve the pain associated with interstitial cystitis. Helps support healthy cardiovascular function.

  • Promotes better cardio vascular health.
  • Increases exercise capacity Heart
  • Can promote male fertility (in some cases)
L-arginine is an amino acid (protein) conditionally essential, that is to say, under certain conditions, the body is unable to produce enough and he must be supplied through diet or a complement.
Food sources of L-arginine such as soy, nuts, dairy products, chocolate, meat and fish can help to fill the growing needs of the organization during his recovery from injury or infection .
L-Arginine supports heart health by relaxing the walls of blood vessels, which improves blood circulation and lowers moderate hypertension. Supplementation with L-arginine is especially beneficial for heart patients who want to increase their physical activity and those who suffer from angina and congestive heart failure.

Information about L-Arginine from SISU

  • Pure L-arginine suitable for vegans
  • Supports many aspects of cardiovascular health
  • Supports circulatory health and can be beneficial in cases of erectile dysfunction, and intermittent claudication (pain causing blood clots in the legs)
  • Can help reduce the pain and other symptoms of interstitial cystitis (type of bladder infection) in some people
  • Can help increase lean body mass in athletes
  • Supports collagen production and wound healing


SISU L-Arginine advantages 

  • Vegetable capsules dose and rapid assimilation
  • Suitable for vegans
  • No ingredients that are a source of gluten
  • Manufacturing standards conform to Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Activity and purity tested
  • NPN approuvéC

Composition of L-Arginine

medical ingredient
  • L-arginine 750 mg ...
Non-medical ingredients
  • magnesium stearate (vegetable)
  • hypromellose.
No dairy, wheat, peanuts, soy or corn.

SISU L-Arginine dosage

Adult regular dosing
  • Three L-Arginine capsules three times per day.
In cases of interstitial cystitis:
  • one capsule three times daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
This product should be used for at least a month.